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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are rear window graphics a solid image on one side and see-through on the other side?

Rear window graphics are made from micro-perforated vinyl which has approximately 50% holes and 50% material. The key to this visual affect is lighting. The combination of light and its reflection off the high resolution image provide the illusion of a solid image. Conversely, the absence of light reflecting off the black (non-imaged) side produces a material which can be easily seen through.

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Should rear window graphics be installed on the inside or outside of the window surface?

Rear window graphics should be installed on the outside of the window surface.

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How quickly can I receive my order?

We believe providing fast turnaround for our customers is paramount to providing a quality product. Orders received by 12pm will ship by close of business the following business day. Orders received after 12pm will ship in two business days. Please allow five business days for custom pieces.

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Can I modify any of your existing images?

Yes. Our Wild Wings, Mossy Oak and Original Series images can be modified to your specifications. However, our Harley-Davidson and Cowboy Up images cannot be modified.

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Is there a warranty on my rear window graphic?

VantagePoint rear window graphics have a three year warranty against fading. All warranty claims must be accompanied by an original receipt to verify date of purchase.

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Will my rear window graphic be damaged by my rear mounted window wiper blades or snow scraper?

It is best to avoid the use of wiper blades and snow scrapers. Rear window mounted wiper blades can cause premature wear to your rear window graphic. Snow scrapers can damage or destroy your rear window graphic.

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Can I use Rain-X or similar products on my rear window graphic?

We discourage the use of these products as they may damage the image on your window graphic.

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Are rear window graphics easy to install and remove?

Installation: Rear window graphics are easy to install and remove yourself! A qualified installer can install one in minutes. For first time purchasers of our product, we recommend that you consult our installation page for details on how to optimally install your graphic.

Removal: Rear window graphics can be removed by using a thin scraping device. It is best to start from one corner and lift up a small section. Once a small section is lifted, you can normally use hand force to pull the rear window graphic from the glass. If any adhesive residue remains, clean with a quality commercial glass cleaner or citrus-based adhesive remover/cleaner.

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Will my rear window graphic come off in the car wash?

Like most tint and window films, it is best to avoid power car washes within the first week of application. However, after the product has adequately adhered to the window surface, it is safe to take through car washes. As a general rule, treat the image as you would the painted surface of your car. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the image.

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Can my vision be obstructed by condensation, rainfall, snowfall or car washes?

Yes, condensation, rainfall, snowfall and car washes can fill the small perforations of the rear window graphic and cause reduced vision until drying occurs.

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Will my personal information remain confidential?

We take great precautions to keep your personal information confidential. All customer information is used solely by VantagePoint Concepts and will not be provided to any third party.

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What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available here

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