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CAUTION! - Do not apply to the following: windshields, driver door window glass or passenger side door glass!

Effects of condensation on window quality of perforated window films: rainfall, snowfall and or car washes can fill the small perforations and cause reduced vision until drying occurs.

Consult your local laws regarding the application of window tint to vehicle glass.

Wet Weather Safety Tip

Rain can collect in the small holes and reduce vision. Use a towel to dry the surface of the Vantage Point Concepts image for a clearer view prior to driving your vehicle.

Prepare the Vehicle

If you cannot bring the vehicle into a heated building, make sure that the outside air temperature is above +40º F (+5ºC). Pre-warming the car interior during cold weather application will help insure proper adhesion.

Clean the outside glass surface which you will be applying the image to thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure that the glass surface is dry and residue free before applying your Vantage Point Concepts™ window image.

Remember: The pressure sensitive adhesive works best if mounted on VERY CLEAN GLASS.

Position and Apply

(WARNING - DO NOT USE A HEAT GUN OR WATER TO APPLY) When applying the window graphic, use masking tape strips to pre-position the image on the vehicle before removing the backing material. Carefully peel off adhesive backing from behind the image and apply from one edge and work to the opposite side, smoothing the image to prevent wrinkles. To remove any wrinkles, gently lift up the image to where the wrinkle is, smooth out the wrinkle with your hand, and continue applying. Vantage Point Concepts are a dry mount product !

Bond and Trim

To help adhesion, lay the disposable backing over the image and rub firmly from the center to the sides of the image. If mounting a full window Vantage Point Concepts image you will have extra material to trim outside of the edge of your rear window glass. Trim the excess material with a razor blade or similar tool to complete the installation. The pressure sensitive adhesive bonds to the glass very well when first applied but sets more firmly after a twenty-four (24) hour period. Avoid power car washes for the first week after application. For longer life avoid using snow scrapers on this image. Treat this image as you would the painted surface of your car. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the image. Rear window mounted wiper blades will cause premature wear of the image.

The perforated film can be removed by using a thin scraper device. It is best to start in one corner and lift up a small section. After this is done, you can normally use hand force to pull the image from the glass. As with any decal or sticker, the warmer the outside temperature, the easier the removal will be. If any adhesive residue remains on the glass surface it can be cleaned with any quality commercial glass cleaning liquid or citrus-based adhesive remover / cleaner.

Care Tips

Special note for sliding glass rear window installations: If your vehicle is equipped with a sliding rear cab window, it is reccomended that you wait one week before sliding the window. This will ensure that the pressure-sensative adhesive is securely attached to the glass.

Car Washing

Avoid washing your window graphic for the first week after it is installed. After this time you can safely take your vehicle thru any commercial brush-type car wash.

High Pressure Power Washing

If you are using a do-it-yourself car wash, do not hold the wash wand closer than ten inches to the window mural surface. Use the same care that you would any pinstriping or vinyl graphic on your vehicle and you should enjoy many years of use from your rear window graphic.

Winter Use

Avoid using ice scrapers on the image as this may damage the vinyl.

Heated Rear Windows

Heated rear window systems will not cause any damage to your window graphic. Use of your rear defroster will help speed up the drying of your glass during wet weather use.

Wet Weather Safety Tip

Rain can collect in the small holes and reduce vision. Use a towel to dry the surface of the Vantage Point Concepts image for a clear view prior to driving your vehicle.


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